The modern family business – between tradition and innovation

Family businesses are the backbone of our economy. Their business strategies are based on long-term results, they value their employees and they see continuity as an ideal worth striving for.

However, family businesses are also at the mercy of our global economy. Some of the challenges a modern family business may encounter include rapid technological advancement, ever-changing monetary policies or efficient management of resources.

Change as an opportunity

Additionally, they may have to deal with internal family or company affairs: the question of succession needs to be addressed, new business areas require new management models, legal aspects have to be clarified. Roles, tasks and responsibilities have to be redefined.

Such questions are emotionally charged and can lead to conflict. Finding new solutions takes time and requires trust – uniting tradition and innovation is a challenge as well as an opportunity!

Many years of experience and an extensive network

This is where we come into: thanks to our many years of experience, we can offer you support and advice tailored to your specific needs.

In matters concerning legal questions, management issues or family business leadership models, we can count on our extensive network of experts.

As consultants, we want to contribute to your family business’ long-term development, success and continuity.